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Had some grass-fed ground beef in fridge that needed to be used up. I was going to make paleo tacos but we had Mexican when we were out last night with some friends so I opted for a different direction. Hubby suggested something like shepherd’s pie so that’s what I went with. YUM! Just as good as the original even without the peas, corn or white potatoes.

Sweet Potato-Cauli Mash
1⃣Peel and dice up 2 sweet potatoes
2⃣Rough chop 1 head of cauliflower
3⃣Place both in a pan, cover with water and boil until tender
4⃣Remove from heat and add in
🔹2T organic, grass-fed Butter, I use kerrygold (or fat of choice)
🔹1/2c Coconut milk
🔹optional-1/4c Nutritional yeast if you want a slightly “cheesy” flavor to the mash
5⃣Mash and set aside

Meat Mixture
1⃣While mash is boiling, sauté in a large pan (larger than you need so you can mix everything in later):
🔹1T butter (or oil/fat of choice)
🔹1 large onion, chopped
🔹3 celery stalks, chopped
🔹1 large zucchini, chopped
🔹1T garlic, chopped
2⃣When starting to turn translucent, add in 1.5lbs of ground beef and brown
3⃣When meat is fully cooked, drain fat then add in:
🔹2 large handfuls of spinach
🔹2 tomatoes, diced
🔹2T tomato paste
🔹2T Coconut aminos
🔹optional-1T Sriracha (any hot sauce)
🔹1t Chili powder
🔹2t Flavorgod garlic lovers seasoning (or garlic powder)
🔹1/2c Beef bone broth
4⃣Stir and taste to adjust seasonings to your liking then place cover on pan until spinach is wilted
5⃣You can either serve it immediately with a scoop of the meat mixture topped with a scoop of the mash or you can place it in a baking dish to reheat in the oven for later


I have mastered the sweet potato brownies! Seriously #fitfam, if you need a healthy snack to pass at a party or at home, these are it! Super easy, simply put all the ingredients in a food processor, blend, pour into a pan and bake. The BEST part about these brownies is that they are even better after they have been sitting a while so they are a great male-ahead. After sitting, they settle and turn into the most fudgy brownies on this planet! You will not be disappointed I promise! I will definitely be making these while I’m home for the holidays as they are already gone!

1⃣In a food processor, mix until smooth:
🔹1c cooked sweet potato
🔹1/2c almond butter
🔹2T cacao bliss, coconut butter
🔹1t vanilla ext
🔹1T honey
🔹1/3c raw cacao powder
🔹1 scoop chocolate casein
2⃣Stir in 1/4c dark chocolate chips, pour into a greased 8×8 pan, bake at 350F for 20min

Don’t be scared! These do not taste like jalapeños at all! The jalapeños simply lends a subtle heat to the brownies! Delicious I promise 🙂 These yummy fudgy brownies are made with nutritious sweet potato as the base, casein protein for sustained protein nourishment and are finished off with dark chocolate chips and walnuts for a little extra sweetness and crunch! (If you are too scared of the jalapeños, you can certainly make these without, but I assure you the background heat it subtle, enjoyable and delicious!

1⃣In a food processor, mix until smooth:
🔹1med cooked sweet potato, peeled
🔹1 4oz jar pear baby food
🔹1/8c almond butter
🔹1/8c honey
🔹1T vanilla extract
2⃣Add in and mix until smooth:
🔹3T cacao
🔹2sc chocolate casein
🔹1/4c stevia
🔹1t baking powder
🔹1/4t salt
3⃣Add in and pulse to combine:
🔹1 jalapeno, ribs/seeds removed, minced (I used 1 this time, might use 2 next time)
🔹1/4c dark chocolate chips
🔹1/4c walnuts
4⃣Pour into greased 9×9 baking dish and bake at 350F for 30min

This is my super easy, go-to breakfast for dinner. Always satisfies. It’s my husbands favorite form of hash browns. Peppers and onions mixed with diced and seasoned sweet potatoes topped with a runny egg! He users ketchup on his, the yolk is enough of a “sauce” for me. (Ill add in some hot sauce though!)

1⃣Microwave one large sweet potato (that has been washed and poked with a fork a few times ) for 3 min on one side then 3 min on the opposite side
2⃣Remove, cut off the skin and dice into 1/2″ cubes
3⃣In a pan sautée until tender
🔹1 small onion, diced
🔹1 green pepper, diced
🔹1T garlic
🔹2T olive oil
4⃣Once tender, add in diced sweet potatoes and cook until fork tender. Season with
🔹Crushed red peppers
🔹Garlic powder
🔹Season all
🔹Chili powder
5⃣Serve topped with a runny egg and hot sauce, ketchup or salsa…whatever you choice!

Dinner last night was garlic and herb sweet potato mash slathered on a tortilla made of riced cauliflower, stuffed with grilled chicken and black beans and topped with salsa. It was so filling that I think I’m still full this morning and I didn’t even finish mine! I have half a slice left over for lunch today😋 This beast took quite a few steps to make but was well worth it in the end! Could have been a whole lot easier with regular tortillas…but where’s the fun in that😉

1⃣Dice up one medium head of cauliflower, rinse and place in blender
2⃣Full blender with water to cover the cauliflower and pulse about 5 times (I used a vitamix on high so not sure how fast another blender will chop) until cauliflower is in tiny, rice-looking pieces
3⃣Pout water/cauli-rice into strainer that has a cheese cloth or thin towel inside to catch the pieces
4⃣Important-Squeeze out excess water. Really wring it out and make sure you get out as much water as possible!! (VERY important so your crust/tortilla isn’t crumbly)
5⃣Pour into microwave safe container and cook/steam in microwave for 6-8 minutes

Cauli-rice Protein Tortilla
1⃣Mix together
🔹Cooked Cauli-rice around 1.5-2 cups or whatever you get
🔹1/2c mozzarella
🔹1scoop garden of life unflavored protein powder (or 1/4c almond flour)
🔹1/4c almond flour
🔹1egg+1egg white
🔹1T psyllium husk
🔹1/2t each of emerills essence, garlic powder, s&p, oregano
2⃣Split the “dough” into 3 even balls and press into flat tortilla shells on a sheet of parchment paper that has been greased (probably will only be able to fit 2 on at a time)
3⃣Preheat a cookie sheet pan in a 375F oven, remove and carefully place parchment paper with shells on it. Bake for 10min (or until just starting to brown) in 375F oven
4⃣Remove from oven, and remove parchment from pan and cut in half (each tortilla on one square of parchment)
5⃣Preheat greased frying pan on med-low heat. With a hot pad/glove. Take one of the tortillas and flip it upside down into the pan. On half, spread sweet potato mash (recipe below), black beans and grilled chicken. Fold other half on top and let it heat all the way through
6⃣Plate and serve with salsa (greek yogurt would be delicious too)

Garlic and Herb Sweet Potato Mash
1⃣Mash together
🔹2 cooked and peeled sweet potatoes
🔹1T minced/pressed garlic
🔹1t Italian herbs
🔹1t hot sauce (more/less as desired)
2⃣Spread in tortilla (see tortilla step 5)

Chopped cauliflower in blender with water

Pulsed cauliflower

Cauli-rice poured into strainer with cheesecloth before wringing out


“Tortilla” filled with sweet potato mash, black beans and grilled chicken


My original intentions were to just make sweet potato muffins but my plans changed when I remembered I had just bought a big container of blueberries. Blueberries+sweet potato…it could work? They turned out moist and tasty but not quite as sweet as I would have liked. That’s when the magic happened…turn them into stuffed muffin sandwiches! The protein cheesecake filling adds the perfect amount of sweetness and totally balanced out the other two flavors.


Sweet Potato Blueberry Protein Muffins
1⃣Mix in food processor:
🔹2 cooked and peeled sweet potatoes
🔹1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
🔹1 scoop vanilla sun warrior protein powder (or one more whey)
🔹2 egg whites
🔹1/2c greek yogurt
🔹1/2c buckwheat flour (any flour)
🔹1c almond milk (any milk)
🔹1/2c oats
🔹2T coconut oil
🔹1/4c honey
🔹1t baking powder
🔹1/2t baking powder
🔹2t vanilla extract
🔹3t stevia
🔹1t cinnamon
2⃣Pour into greased muffin tin and top with about 7 blueberries each (poke them down under the top of the batter)
3⃣Bake at 350F for 25min or until cooked through (poke with toothpick and comes clean)

Cheesecake Filling
🔹1c plain (or vanilla) greek yogurt
🔹1/2c vanilla protein powder
🔹1/4c coconut flour
🔹1t vanilla extract
🔹1t stevia
2⃣Cut muffins in half and scoop some filling on the bottom half. Place too half back on and serve while the muffins are still warm and filling is cold!