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I had a bunch of apples to use up before they went bad so I decided to whip up a healthy apple pie! The almond flour crust turned out perfectly golden brown and light. For the filling I made a homemade chunky apple sauce then added chunked apples on top of that. A perfectly cinnamon sweet combo! Very quick to make too!

1⃣In a food processor combine:
🔹3c almond flour
🔹1/4c coconut oil
🔹1t salt
2⃣Press 3/4 of dough into pie in and bake at 350F for 12 min until starting to turn golden brown
3⃣In a medium sauce pan combine, cover and simmer:
🔹3 apples diced
🔹1/4c water
🔹2T maple syrup
🔹1t cinnamon
🔹1/2 lemon zest and juice
4⃣One apples become mushy, pour pan in a food processor and process until desired texture, I left mine with small chunks.
5⃣Pour into bottom of cooked pie crust
6⃣Add to empty sauce pan that you just poured the apple sauce out of:
🔹3 apples diced
🔹1/2 lemon zest and juice
🔹1/4c coconut oil
🔹1t apple pie spice
🔹2T honey
7⃣Stir around for a few minutes until the apples are heated through and fully coated then pour on top of applesauce in pie crust
8⃣Roll out remaining 1/4 of crust dough and cut into 1/2″ strips and later on pie as desired
9⃣Bake at 350F for 15min until apples are tender and top has become golden brown.


Made this yummy cheesecake for dessert. I had seen a lot of recipes for soaked cashews as a base ingredient for the “cheesecake” part but had never tried it until yesterday! It turned out delicious and you really can’t even tell that is what it’s made out of. The homemade chocolate drizzle complements the pumpkin-y flavor and nutty salty crust perfectly! So happy with the outcome of this one 🙂

1⃣In a food processor combine:
🔹1 rounded c mixed nuts
🔹6 dried apricots
🔹6 pitted dates
🔹1/4c coconut oil
🔹2T honey
🔹2t cinnamon
🔹1t pumpkin spice
🔹1/2t sea salt
2⃣Press into base of a springform pan or regular pie tin
3⃣In a food processor mix until smooth and creamy:
🔹1c soaked cashews (swell to 1.5c)
🔹1c pure pumpkin
🔹1T cinnamon
🔹1t pumpkin pie spice
🔹1/4c coconut butter
🔹1T vanilla extract
🔹1/2c greek yogurt
🔹1/4c honey
4⃣Scoop onto crust and even out
5⃣In a small sauce pan melt:
🔹2T coconut oil
🔹1/4c cacao powder
🔹2T honey
🔹one tablespoon and a time of milk until achieve desired consistency of a chocolate sauce
6⃣Scoop into small ziplock and pipe into desired design on cheesecake and refrigerate until ready to serve

**Could also add protein powder to this recipe and it would be delicious while boosting the protein!**

This is a completely healthy, protein packed pie to satisfy above and beyond any chocolate craving that you may have! I made this because both my hubs and I were craving chocolate the other night. Needless to say, we no longer were craving it after digging into this baby. It tasted like the delicious dirt cake with the gummy worms we used to have when we were kids!

1⃣In a food processor mix until finely chopped:
🔹1c cocoa almonds
2⃣Add in and pulse to combine:
🔹1c chocolate protein powder
🔹2T cacao
🔹1/4t salt
3⃣Add in and pulse until crumby but will stick together when pressed:
🔹1/3c peanut butter
🔹2T coconut oil, melted
4⃣Press into a pie tin and set aside, reserve 1/2c for crumble on top

1⃣In a food processor, mix until smooth:
🔹2 bananas
🔹2T cacao
🔹2sc chocolate protein powder
🔹1c greek yogurt
🔹1/4c coconut flour
🔹2T honey-optional
2⃣Pour onto crust then top with reserved crust as crumbles
3⃣Put in the freezer for 2 hours then move to the fridge until ready to serve (should serve within 30 min of putting in fridge, if not leave in the freezer)

Behold! A delicious, clean and healthy mixed berry pie! I’ll repeat that-HEALTHY PIE! Tasted as good as it looks! The coconut cream whipped topping was delish and the perfect addition! The healthy, homemade protein pie crust holds this heavenly pie and soaks in some of the juices of the raspberries, blueberries and blackberries that make up the sweet fruity filling. A must-try for you all!

1⃣In a mug combine and beat well:
🔹1/4c honey
🔹1/4c coconut oil
🔹1t vanilla extract
2⃣In a small bowl sift and mix:
🔹1sc vanilla sun warrior protein powder
🔹1/4t salt
🔹1/2c coconut flour
🔹1/2c gf oat flour
🔹1T raw maca powder
3⃣Combine wet with dry, press into a pie tin and bake at 375F for 10 min then remove to cool

1⃣In a medium sauce pan, combine
🔹1c blueberries
🔹1c raspberries
🔹1c blackberries
🔹Zest of 1 lemon
🔹Juice of 1/2 lemon
🔹1-2T honey
2⃣Stir and heat until warm and berries start to release juice
3⃣Let cool then add slurry by whisking:
🔹2T arrowroot powder
🔹2T cold water
4⃣Add slurry to cooled mixed berries then pour into pie crust
5⃣Bake 325F for 10 min (long enough to reheat) then remove and let cool to set the filling
6⃣Top with coconut cream whipped topping

Whipped Topping
1⃣Refrigerate 1 can of full fat coconut milk for at least 2 hours
2⃣Carefully open can and scoop off “cream” that has separated to the top and put it in a small bowl (keep the coconut milk that has settled to the bottom for other recipes or a smoothie)
3⃣Mix with
🔹1T pure maple syrup
🔹1t vanilla extract
4⃣Place a dollop on pie


Slice with the coconut cream whipped topping all melty and delicious


Peanut butter + chocolate = the best combo of all time of course! The hubby and I recently went out to eat and there was a naughty peanut butter pie with a chocolate crust on the menu that looked to die for…started racking my brain right then and there. Last night I whipped this baby together and oh my it has to be as good, if not better than the naughty version….seriously as good as it looks👌❤Chocolate-peanut butter heaven and so easy to make!

Peanut Butter Protein Pie with a Choco-Coco Drizzle
1⃣Heat in small bowl
🔹1/4c coconut oil
🔹1/4c peanut butter
🔹1/8c honey
2⃣Add dry to heated wet
🔹1/4c oat bran
🔹1/8c cocoa powder
🔹3 scoops chocolate protein powder
3⃣Press into pie tin and place in freezer while making filling

1⃣Combine in blender
🔹1 banana
🔹1c greek yogurt
🔹1/4c peanut butter
🔹1/4c coconut flour
🔹2 scoops vanilla protein powder
2⃣Pour into pie crust

🔹3 squares dark chocolate
🔹1t coconut oil
2⃣Drizzle onto pie and top with carob/dark chocolate chips
3⃣Refrigerate until ready to eat so it can set up or stick in the freezer for an ice cream peanut butter pie!

Oh my this was soooo good, tasted just like the regular full sugar, flour, butter version but doesn’t have any of it! Strawberry-rhubarb pie is my absolute favorite so I knew I would have to make the perfect healthy version to be satisfied…I succeeded and this is it! I wouldn’t change a thing. It was sweet and crunchy with a sour/tart kick from the rhubarb. Dreamy…

1.)Combine in food professor and blend until a crunchy powder
-1c almonds
-1c cashews
2.)Then add in
-1/4c honey (heated)
-1T coconut oil (heated)
-1/2t baking powder
-1 scoop vanilla protein powder (not whey-I used sun warrior) -1t vanilla extract -1/4t sea salt
3.) Press ½-3/4 crust mixture into 8×8 with nonstick spray and bake at 350F for 10 minutes or until starting to brown then remove set aside and let cool

1.)Leave remaining crust mix in food processor and add
-1t cinnamon
-1/2-3/4c oats (depending on what you have left from the crust)
2.)Pulse until combined and set aside

1.)Heat in pan 8 min (or until just tender) on medium heat
-3c rhubarb, chopped into ½” pieces
2.)Add in and continue cooking for a couple minutes
-1/3c agave (or honey)
-zest of 1 lemon
-1t cinnamon
3.)Add in and continue to cook for a few more minutes
-3c strawberries, diced
4.)Turn off heat and let cool
*if you want to make the filling bind together, once cool, you can add in 2-3T of arrowroot powder (or cornstarch)

1.)Pour filling mixture onto crust then top with crumble
2.)Bake at 350F for 15 min or until crumble starts to brown