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Dairy free, paleo, gluten free, refined sugar free and super delicious! This is a full-flavored homemade ice cream that you can mix up in the blender and put in a bowl to freeze. No ice cream maker required!

1⃣In a blender add:
🔹1 can full fat coconut milk
🔹1/4c water
🔹2T honey
🔹1-2t peppermint extract (to taste)
***Optional add-ins:
🔹1t vanilla crème stevia (optional)
🔹1T arrowroot powder (optional but prevents ice crystals from forming while freezing, keeps it smooth and thickens it)
🔹1/4c hemp seeds (optional but add a nice boost of essential fatty acids and protein)
2⃣Blend until smooth then pour into freezer safe dish. Stir in 1/4c dark chocolate chips and place in freezer. Stir every hour until ready to eat! (Maybe 3 hours?)

Note-I saw a recipe for vanilla hemp seed ice cream online and decided to try them in this recipe, they really have a neutral flavor so they do not alter the taste at all. I liked the nutritional boost they give the ice cream and since I have a package to use up will definitely be adding them to all my ice cream recipes 😊


Homemade Strawberry Shortcake using my “Sweet Protein Biscuits” (from my previous post) and Protein Banana Ice Cream. This is the hubs favorite dessert so I made a healthy and protein packed version. The warm sweet almond protein biscuit contrasted perfectly with the frozen banana ice cream…and of course the sweet mashed strawberries tied it all together!

Sweet Almond Biscuit
-Recipe in previous post

Mashed Strawberries
1⃣Wash and cut the stems off of a container of strawberries
2⃣Place in a bowl and mash with a potato mashed
3⃣Can leave as is or add in stevia for additional sweetness

Banana Protein Ice Cream
1⃣In a blender mix
🔹2 frozen bananas (skins removed prior to freezing)
🔹1/4c greek yogurt
🔹1sc vanilla protein powder
🔹1t vanilla extract
🔹almond milk as needed
*I used a vitamix with the tamper to keep everything pressed down. You could also use a Yo-Nanas machine or food processor