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Had some grass-fed ground beef in fridge that needed to be used up. I was going to make paleo tacos but we had Mexican when we were out last night with some friends so I opted for a different direction. Hubby suggested something like shepherd’s pie so that’s what I went with. YUM! Just as good as the original even without the peas, corn or white potatoes.

Sweet Potato-Cauli Mash
1⃣Peel and dice up 2 sweet potatoes
2⃣Rough chop 1 head of cauliflower
3⃣Place both in a pan, cover with water and boil until tender
4⃣Remove from heat and add in
🔹2T organic, grass-fed Butter, I use kerrygold (or fat of choice)
🔹1/2c Coconut milk
🔹optional-1/4c Nutritional yeast if you want a slightly “cheesy” flavor to the mash
5⃣Mash and set aside

Meat Mixture
1⃣While mash is boiling, sauté in a large pan (larger than you need so you can mix everything in later):
🔹1T butter (or oil/fat of choice)
🔹1 large onion, chopped
🔹3 celery stalks, chopped
🔹1 large zucchini, chopped
🔹1T garlic, chopped
2⃣When starting to turn translucent, add in 1.5lbs of ground beef and brown
3⃣When meat is fully cooked, drain fat then add in:
🔹2 large handfuls of spinach
🔹2 tomatoes, diced
🔹2T tomato paste
🔹2T Coconut aminos
🔹optional-1T Sriracha (any hot sauce)
🔹1t Chili powder
🔹2t Flavorgod garlic lovers seasoning (or garlic powder)
🔹1/2c Beef bone broth
4⃣Stir and taste to adjust seasonings to your liking then place cover on pan until spinach is wilted
5⃣You can either serve it immediately with a scoop of the meat mixture topped with a scoop of the mash or you can place it in a baking dish to reheat in the oven for later


Craving some Chinese take-out? Here is your healthy spin on fried rice! It tastes exactly the same too, you (and whoever you serve it to) will never taste the difference. Serve this with my “Beef and Zucchini Stoganoff” and you have a perfect at-home Chinese take-out meal!

1⃣In a pan, sautée
🔹1 onion, diced
🔹2 carrots, diced
🔹1T garlic, minced
2⃣When almost fully cooked, add in
🔹1 summer squash, diced
🔹1 can peas, drained
3⃣When heated thru, remove from heat and place in a bowl
4⃣Turn the heat up to med/high and to the pan add
🔹1 “riced” cauliflower
🔹about 1/3c soy sauce (to taste, depends how much Cauli-rice used)
🔹2T garlic, minced
🔹Let the bottom crisp then stir, continue to do this until most of the rice gets browned and crisp outer edge
5⃣Add in cooked veggies, stir to combine then create a bowl like shape in the middle of the rice
6⃣Into the hole pour 3 eggs that have been whisked, let them start to cook and slowly incorporate them into the rice
7⃣Add more soy sauce & pepper as desired
8⃣Serve with desired protein