OO-MMM-GGGG people. This was amazing! Like chocolate running down the chin then lick the plate clean good! Warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie dough filled tortilla with a “Nutella” drizzle. Heavenly. AND it’s HEALTHY! For real. I ate this with a glass of coconut almond milk and it was just like a naughty dessert💜
Simply devine pre-workout snack split with my hubby….off to the gym to put this to work!

1⃣In a small bowl mix:
🔹2T apple sauce
🔹2T greek yogurt
🔹2T peanut butter
🔹1sc cookie dough protein powder
[Can stop with above ingredients for a super easy filling, but I also added in the ingredients below just because 🙂 ]
🔹1T coconut flour
🔹1T oat flour
🔹1/2t vanilla extract
🔹1/2t butter extract
2⃣Stir in 1/8c chocolate chips
3⃣Scoop into half of a tortilla shell and cook in a pan, covered on low heat
4⃣Cook until heated through, plate, and drizzle with “Nutella”

1⃣In a mug heat
🔹1t coconut oil
🔹2T Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter
2⃣Drizzle onto sweetadilla