One of my favorite breakfast dishes is zoats. Zucchini+oats=zoats! You can make these sweet or savory and they are delicious either way. I have made these in a variety of different flavor combos and they are always yummy. By using the grated zucchini, it cuts down on the carbs while adding in a veg and extra vitamins. These are very filling and definitely satisfying. Give them a shot and let me know what flavor combos you come up with!

Mango Coconut Zoats
1⃣Bring to boil for 5 min:
🔹1/2c oats
🔹1/2c grated zucchini
🔹1c milk or water
🔹1t cinnamon
🔹1t sweetener of choice (optional)
🔹1T coconut oil
🔹1t coconut extract
🔹Pinch of salt
2⃣Mix in, boil and stir for 3 more minutes 1/4c liquid egg whites
3⃣Turn off heat and stir in
🔹1/2 chopped mango
🔹1/3c shredded coconut
4⃣Optional add-ins I usually use
🔹1/2 scoop protein powder
🔹1t chia seeds
🔹1T flax seed
🔹1t psyllium husk
🔹1/4c nuts

**You can also microwave this, which I do when I’m in a rush. Add egg whites to first step ingredients and microwave on 30sec intervals, stirring between each, until fully cooked**