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Had some grass-fed ground beef in fridge that needed to be used up. I was going to make paleo tacos but we had Mexican when we were out last night with some friends so I opted for a different direction. Hubby suggested something like shepherd’s pie so that’s what I went with. YUM! Just as good as the original even without the peas, corn or white potatoes.

Sweet Potato-Cauli Mash
1⃣Peel and dice up 2 sweet potatoes
2⃣Rough chop 1 head of cauliflower
3⃣Place both in a pan, cover with water and boil until tender
4⃣Remove from heat and add in
🔹2T organic, grass-fed Butter, I use kerrygold (or fat of choice)
🔹1/2c Coconut milk
🔹optional-1/4c Nutritional yeast if you want a slightly “cheesy” flavor to the mash
5⃣Mash and set aside

Meat Mixture
1⃣While mash is boiling, sauté in a large pan (larger than you need so you can mix everything in later):
🔹1T butter (or oil/fat of choice)
🔹1 large onion, chopped
🔹3 celery stalks, chopped
🔹1 large zucchini, chopped
🔹1T garlic, chopped
2⃣When starting to turn translucent, add in 1.5lbs of ground beef and brown
3⃣When meat is fully cooked, drain fat then add in:
🔹2 large handfuls of spinach
🔹2 tomatoes, diced
🔹2T tomato paste
🔹2T Coconut aminos
🔹optional-1T Sriracha (any hot sauce)
🔹1t Chili powder
🔹2t Flavorgod garlic lovers seasoning (or garlic powder)
🔹1/2c Beef bone broth
4⃣Stir and taste to adjust seasonings to your liking then place cover on pan until spinach is wilted
5⃣You can either serve it immediately with a scoop of the meat mixture topped with a scoop of the mash or you can place it in a baking dish to reheat in the oven for later


Who needs noodles anyway? This was delicious! I liked it better than zucchini because it was not super watery like the zucchini version. I actually could have added more liquid because the butternut soaked up some of the juices while it cooked. This is a great make-ahead-meal that would feed an army! Healthy and yummy uh huh 🙂


1⃣In a large pan cook:
🔹2lbs grass-fed ground beef
🔹1 large organic onion, diced
🔹2 celery stalks, chopped
🔹3 cloves garlic, diced
2⃣Remove from heat and add in:
🔹1small head purple cabbage, chopped
🔹1 green pepper, diced
🔹1-2 jars organic, no sugar added marinara (or homemade tomato sauce)
🔹1 can diced tomatoes
🔹Italian herbs
🔹garlic powder
🔹crushed red pepper
3⃣Once the meat mixture cools, stir in 2 room temperature eggs that have been whisked
4⃣While the meat mixture cools, peel and thinly slice a butternut squash (I used a mandolin) and place one layer of the squash (like you would noodles) in the bottom of a 9×13 (or larger) baking dish
5⃣Scoop a layer of meat mixture on top of the squash
6⃣Place a layer of cottage cheese on top of the meat mixture (not required)
7⃣Continue this layering until the meat mixture is gone, ending with a squash layer on top
8⃣Top the lasagna with a little bit of mozzarella and parmesan (not required) and bake covered at 375F for 1hr. Uncover then move to top rack and broil until cheese browns on the top. Let it rest before cutting

First layer of squash, I used the “half” pieces on the bottom so they were covered and the full circles on the upper layers

Assembly complete, before going into the oven

Out of the oven fully cooked


Again getting back to my Polish roots with Galumpkis (aka-stuffed cabbage rolls for you non-Polacks out there) for dinner! Traditionally these are made pretty healthy, but I took it one step further and made them paleo. Absolutely delish!

1⃣In a large sauce pan combine and simmer for 30min:
🔹1can tomato paste
🔹2cans diced tomatoes
🔹Italian herbs
🔹1T Garlic
🔹1/2c Chicken stock
**I recommend doubling this if you like your galumpkis in a lot sauce, this amount just covered them, and was sufficient, but I would have liked more.**

1⃣In a large pot fill 1/2-3/4 with water and being to a boil
2⃣Cut a square around the stem (so leaves will fall off when cooking, but not cutting the stem out) then stick large fork in the stem and submerge in water
3⃣As leaves fall off scoop them out and place them in a strainer to cool

1⃣In a large pan cook:
🔹2lbs Ground turkey dark and light
🔹1lb Ground Italian chicken sausage
🔹1 Onion, diced
🔹2T Garlic, chopped
2⃣When meat is browned and onions are translucent, add in:
🔹1can diced tomatoes
🔹2T Italian herbs
3⃣Let the meat slightly cool then mix in 2 eggs

1⃣In a layer a few ripped up leaves of cabbage covered in a thin layer of sauce
2⃣Fill cabbage leaves with 1/2c meat mixture and roll up
3⃣Place all cabbage rolls in pan then cover with remaining sauce
4⃣Cover pan and bake in 350F oven for 30-45min until cabbage is translucent and soft

Three out of the three people I served this to said this was the best chili they ever had…so I’d say it’s a winner! Roasted butternut squash combined with grass-fed beef and tons of veggies! Seasoned this with herbs, chili powders and a dash of cinnamon which made this the perfect fall dish!

1⃣Peel and dice one small/medium butternut squash into 1″ pieces and place in a bowl
2⃣Drizzle with olive oil and mix pieces around to ensure they are all coated then season with:
🔹Chili powder
3⃣Place on sheet pan lined with parchment paper and place in 425F pre-heated oven and cook for 25-30 minutes

1⃣In a large pot, cook
🔹2lbs grass-fed ground beef
🔹1 Onion, chopped
🔹1 Jalapeño, diced
🔹1 Green bell pepper, chopped
🔹1 Zucchini, chopped
🔹3 stalks of celery, chopped
🔹4 cloves of Garlic, diced
🔹Crushed red pepper
🔹Garlic powder
2⃣When beef is fully browned, add in:
🔹2 canned or fresh diced tomatoes
🔹1can black beans
🔹1T tomato paste
🔹roasted butternut squash
3⃣Stir above then add in seasonings to flavor as desired (amounts are rough guesstimates):
🔹3T Oregano
🔹1t Cayenne pepper
🔹1t Crushed red pepper
🔹3T Chili powder
🔹1t Chipotle chili pepper
🔹2T Emeril’s essence
🔹1T Paprika
🔹1t Cinnamon

A “healthy makeover” of a Chinese classic and easy dinner idea! You know the beef and broccoli you can get at Chinese restaurants? Well, this is my version, only I didn’t have any broccoli so I subbed zucchini as “noodles” and served it over quinoa because my hubby wanted extra carbs for leg day in the morning. But anyway, this was so good and so easy! The cut of meat I used wasn’t the most expensive cut so I knew I had to do something that would tenderize it. This was a winner right here! Tender beef in a healthy sauce! (Not a high fat sauce like you would get in Chinese takeout.) Try it and you will never want/need the restaurant version again!

1⃣In a ziplock combine:
🔹1lb sirloin petite steak, thinly sliced against the grain (I slice mine when it is still partly frozen, it’s really easy to get thin slices this way)
🔹1T ginger
🔹1T garlic
🔹1/4c soy sauce
🔹1/4c olive oil
🔹1t crushed red pepper
🔹Zest of 1 lime
🔹Juice of 1/2 lime
2⃣Place ziplock in fridge to marinate at least 30 min

🔹3 medium zucchini (I used 2 green and 1 yellow)
🔹1 onion
2⃣Place in large pan with:
🔹1c beef stock
🔹garlic and herb seasoning
🔹cajun seasoning
3⃣Bring to boil and cook until zucchini is noodle-like tenderness
4⃣Remove zucchini/onions with slotted spoon, leaving broth. Add in:
🔹marinated meat
🔹1/2c dry red wine
5⃣Simmer until meat is fully cooked through
5⃣Put zucchini/onion back in and scoop 1/2c to 1c (as desired) to mixture to slightly thicken
6⃣Serve over beefy quinoa (recipe below)

Beefy Quinoa
1⃣Scoop out 1c “juice” from beef and zucchini and put it in a medium sauce pan. Add 1c water to sauce pan as well and bring to a boil
2⃣Pour in 1c quinoa and bring back to boil then reduce to a simmer. Cover and cook until all liquid is absorbed (10-12min)
3⃣Remove from heat, fluff with fork, cover and let sit for an additional 10 min

Zucchini “Noodles”

Beef in broth