We recently bought some chocolate casein and I wanted to use it for my black bean brownies. It was perfect! Made them extra fudgy this time. These are the perfect night time snack because casein is a slow digesting protein-it’s amino acids (building blocks of protein) are available for absorption over a longer period of time versus other protein sources, so your muscles are fed all night. (This just gives you a legit excuse to eat a brownie before bed. You’re welcome!)

1⃣Mix in a food processor:
🔹2 can 15 oz black beans (rinsed well)
🔹1/2c milk (May need more, add more at the end if needed for desired consistency)
🔹1/2c coconut oil
🔹1/2c honey
2⃣Once a smooth texture is achieved, add in:
🔹1c oatmeal
🔹optional-1/4c stevia or other sweetener of choice
🔹4T unsweetened cocoa
🔹2 scoop casein protein powder (or whey)
🔹2t baking powder
3⃣Pour in 9×13 greased pan and bake 350F for 20 min
**Optional add-ins:shredded coconut, dark chocolate chips, nuts