Just bought a new Cuisinart food processor and put it to work on this baby for dessert. It worked perfectly! Whipped this up in a jiffy. This cake is super healthy and FULL of delicious pumpkin-y flavor! Secret healthy ingredient too-cannellini beans!

1⃣In a food processor mix:
🔹1/2can pure pumpkin
🔹1/2t pumpkin pie spice +extra cinnamon
🔹1/2scoop cinnamon swirl protein powder
🔹1T honey
🔹1T almond milk
🔹1T maple almond butter
2⃣Scoop into ziplock bag to pipe in cake later
3⃣Rinse food processor then add into it and mix:
🔹1can cannellini beans
🔹1/4c honey
🔹1flax egg (1T flax see+3T flax)
🔹1/4c honey
🔹1T vanilla extract
🔹1t butter extract
🔹Juice of 1/2 lemon
4⃣Once smooth, add in:
🔹1/4c coconut flour
🔹1sc vanilla protein powder
🔹1/4c baking stevia
🔹1/2t sea salt
🔹1t baking powder
🔹1/2t baking soda
5⃣Pour into greased 9×9
6⃣Pipe pumpkin layer into lines about 2″ apart, then drag the spoon the opposite way as the lines to get a cool design. Could also just drop spoonfuls all over to make it a drop-cake
7⃣Bake at 325F for 25 min or until poked with toothpick and comes out clean