I combined one of my most popular recipes (cookie dough protein bites) and put it on top of my chocolate protein pie crust and created these little masterpieces! They are soooo good. Right now I have them in the freezer so they are going to be like cookie dough ice cream. Can’t wait for them to freeze up…yummy as is or frozen!

1⃣Heat in small bowl
🔹1/4c coconut oil
🔹1/4c peanut butter
🔹1/8c honey
2⃣Add dry to heated wet
🔹1/4c oat bran
🔹1/8c cocoa powder
🔹3 scoops chocolate protein powder
3⃣Press into bottom of cupcake foil lined cupcake tin

Cookie Dough Filling
1⃣Mix together
🔹1/2c pb, heated
🔹1/2c greek yogurt
🔹3scoops vanilla protein powder
🔹1t stevia
🔹2t vanilla extract
2⃣Add in and mix again:
🔹1/3c carob chips (or dark chocolate chips)
3⃣Scoop and spread onto crust
4⃣Refrigerate or freeze