This is an easy “throw&go” meal. All you do is put everything in a crockpot, leave it alone for a few hours, come back and dinner is served! Healthy, nutritious and a great source of protein! Delicious as well!

1⃣In a crock pot combine and leave on low for 6-8hrs or high for 3-4hrs (until chicken becomes shred-able):
🔹3 chicken breasts, cubed or left full
🔹2 celery stalks, chopped
🔹1 small onion, chopped
🔹1c sun dried tomatoes, chopped
🔹1/2c artichoke hearts, quartered (from can/jar) then chopped
🔹1c chicken stock
🔹1/2c dry white wine
🔹2T garlic, chopped
🔹Crushed red pepper
🔹Garlic powder
2⃣The last 30min-1hr add in (or add in with the rest of the ingredients if you won’t be able to add later on)
🔹1bunch asparagus, cut into 1″ pieces