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We recently bought some chocolate casein and I wanted to use it for my black bean brownies. It was perfect! Made them extra fudgy this time. These are the perfect night time snack because casein is a slow digesting protein-it’s amino acids (building blocks of protein) are available for absorption over a longer period of time versus other protein sources, so your muscles are fed all night. (This just gives you a legit excuse to eat a brownie before bed. You’re welcome!)

1⃣Mix in a food processor:
🔹2 can 15 oz black beans (rinsed well)
🔹1/2c milk (May need more, add more at the end if needed for desired consistency)
🔹1/2c coconut oil
🔹1/2c honey
2⃣Once a smooth texture is achieved, add in:
🔹1c oatmeal
🔹optional-1/4c stevia or other sweetener of choice
🔹4T unsweetened cocoa
🔹2 scoop casein protein powder (or whey)
🔹2t baking powder
3⃣Pour in 9×13 greased pan and bake 350F for 20 min
**Optional add-ins:shredded coconut, dark chocolate chips, nuts


Last night we had shredded chicken tacos so this morning I decided to use the chicken again, but this time for breakfast. I put it in a pan with some veggies, cooked it until it was fully heated then topped it with some salsa and greek yogurt. Easy and unconventional yet delicious breakfast full of healthy nutrients. Give it a try!

Crockpot Shredded Chicken
1⃣Put 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a crockpot on low for 4-6 hours seasoned with:
🔹taco seasoning
🔹chili powder
2⃣After cooked, shred with a fork and season again as necessary

Chicken Taco Salad
1⃣In a frying pan sautée
🔹diced onion
🔹diced red bell pepper
2⃣Once cooked, add in
🔹shredded chicken
3⃣Cook until spinach has wilted and everything is heated through
4⃣Serve with salsa, greek yogurt and/or hot sauce as desired

I had an acorn squash lying around waiting to be used up, so I decided to try something a little different with it tonight! Success! These cookies were delish! Rich, sweet molasses with moist, roasted squash and crunchy, toasted pecans…perfect fall cookies! Super healthy and low cal as well because they are basically just protein powder, molasses and acorn squash! Easy peasy.

1⃣Clean and pierce holes with a fork into an acorn squash and microwave for 3 min.
2⃣Slice in half, place cut side up in a loaf pan and drizzle 1t of molasses on each half. Roast at 375F for 10min or until completely soft
3⃣Let cool then scoop out squash from the skin and place in a food processor. Blend until smooth with:
🔹1/8-1/4Molasses (start with 1/8 and add more as desired)
🔹1t Vanilla extract
🔹1 Egg
🔹1/4c Coconut oil
4⃣Then add in to achieve a dough-like consistency:
🔹2sc Cinnamon swirl protein powder
🔹3c Oat flour
🔹1/4c Coconut flour
🔹2t Baking powder
🔹*Cinnamon-8 shakes
🔹*Ground ginger-4 shakes
🔹*Ground cloves-4 shakes
🔹*Sea salt-8 shakes
*I added the spices to taste. I put more cinnamon and salt than the others though
5⃣Stir in 1/2c chopped pecans that have been dry toast in a pan and drop scoops of the dough onto a pan lined with parchment paper. Bake at 375F for 7-8mins. Remove and place on a cooling rack

These are just in time for the fall season being right around the corner! Pumpkin protein bites that taste like pumpkin pie filling! I ate a few scoops right out of the bowl and it was delish. These are quick and easy to whip together too!

1⃣In a bowl mix:
🔹1/2 can pure pumpkin
🔹1sc cinnamon swirl protein powder
🔹1/4c oat bran
🔹1/4c coconut flour
🔹1T almond butter
🔹1t vanilla extract
🔹Few shakes of pumpkin spice and cinnamon
2⃣Form into bites then roll in “Annie’s Cinnamon Bunny Grahams” (or graham crackers) or other coating of choice

Craving some Chinese take-out? Here is your healthy spin on fried rice! It tastes exactly the same too, you (and whoever you serve it to) will never taste the difference. Serve this with my “Beef and Zucchini Stoganoff” and you have a perfect at-home Chinese take-out meal!

1⃣In a pan, sautée
🔹1 onion, diced
🔹2 carrots, diced
🔹1T garlic, minced
2⃣When almost fully cooked, add in
🔹1 summer squash, diced
🔹1 can peas, drained
3⃣When heated thru, remove from heat and place in a bowl
4⃣Turn the heat up to med/high and to the pan add
🔹1 “riced” cauliflower
🔹about 1/3c soy sauce (to taste, depends how much Cauli-rice used)
🔹2T garlic, minced
🔹Let the bottom crisp then stir, continue to do this until most of the rice gets browned and crisp outer edge
5⃣Add in cooked veggies, stir to combine then create a bowl like shape in the middle of the rice
6⃣Into the hole pour 3 eggs that have been whisked, let them start to cook and slowly incorporate them into the rice
7⃣Add more soy sauce & pepper as desired
8⃣Serve with desired protein

Just bought a new Cuisinart food processor and put it to work on this baby for dessert. It worked perfectly! Whipped this up in a jiffy. This cake is super healthy and FULL of delicious pumpkin-y flavor! Secret healthy ingredient too-cannellini beans!

1⃣In a food processor mix:
🔹1/2can pure pumpkin
🔹1/2t pumpkin pie spice +extra cinnamon
🔹1/2scoop cinnamon swirl protein powder
🔹1T honey
🔹1T almond milk
🔹1T maple almond butter
2⃣Scoop into ziplock bag to pipe in cake later
3⃣Rinse food processor then add into it and mix:
🔹1can cannellini beans
🔹1/4c honey
🔹1flax egg (1T flax see+3T flax)
🔹1/4c honey
🔹1T vanilla extract
🔹1t butter extract
🔹Juice of 1/2 lemon
4⃣Once smooth, add in:
🔹1/4c coconut flour
🔹1sc vanilla protein powder
🔹1/4c baking stevia
🔹1/2t sea salt
🔹1t baking powder
🔹1/2t baking soda
5⃣Pour into greased 9×9
6⃣Pipe pumpkin layer into lines about 2″ apart, then drag the spoon the opposite way as the lines to get a cool design. Could also just drop spoonfuls all over to make it a drop-cake
7⃣Bake at 325F for 25 min or until poked with toothpick and comes out clean

Another simple, healthy and delicious dinner. This chicken and veg dinner is pack with protein and nutrients while maintaining delicious flavors. Juicy chicken and crunchy green beans are a great combo!

Green Beans
1⃣Line pan with tin foil and spread out green beans
2⃣Drizzle with olive oil and season with:
🔹garlic powder
🔹crushed red pepper
🔹chopped garlic
3⃣Bake at 425F for 10 min
4⃣Remove and top with shredded parmesan and sliced almonds then put back in the oven and bake an additional 5 min

1⃣Marinate in coconut milk and then season with salt and peppers.
2⃣Get 3 bowls:
🔹(1)coconut flour (any flour of choice), Emeril’s essence seasoning, garlic powder, crushed red pepper
🔹(2)2 egg whites beaten
🔹(3)1C oats, 1/2C shredded coconut, any herbs of choice (I used parsley and oregano)
1⃣Dip the chicken in 1-2-3 and then pan fry in coconut oil or bake drizzled with coconut oil
**I have also substituted the coconut for shredded parmesan and it is just as delicious! If you dont have some of the ingredients just use what you do have to make it your own! let me know how it turns out 🙂

These are easy protein bars that are a spin off of my classic protein bar recipe. They are filling, healthy and protein packed. Cut into convenient bar sizes and you’re good to go!

1⃣Warm in microwave until nut butter melted:
🔹1/4 C nut butter (I used peanut)
🔹1/2 C coconut milk
🔹1 T honey
🔹1 t vanilla extract
2⃣Mix in separate bowl
🔹3 scoops of chocolate protein powder
🔹1 1/2 C oats
🔹1/2 C shredded coconut
3⃣Mix wet and dry ingredients and press into parchment lined pan. Top with melted dark chocolate and refrigerate.
**You can change this and adapt it to what you like by adding (mixed nuts, chia seeds, chocolate chips, etc) or removing items 🙂

I combined one of my most popular recipes (cookie dough protein bites) and put it on top of my chocolate protein pie crust and created these little masterpieces! They are soooo good. Right now I have them in the freezer so they are going to be like cookie dough ice cream. Can’t wait for them to freeze up…yummy as is or frozen!

1⃣Heat in small bowl
🔹1/4c coconut oil
🔹1/4c peanut butter
🔹1/8c honey
2⃣Add dry to heated wet
🔹1/4c oat bran
🔹1/8c cocoa powder
🔹3 scoops chocolate protein powder
3⃣Press into bottom of cupcake foil lined cupcake tin

Cookie Dough Filling
1⃣Mix together
🔹1/2c pb, heated
🔹1/2c greek yogurt
🔹3scoops vanilla protein powder
🔹1t stevia
🔹2t vanilla extract
2⃣Add in and mix again:
🔹1/3c carob chips (or dark chocolate chips)
3⃣Scoop and spread onto crust
4⃣Refrigerate or freeze

This is one of my favorite dinners! It is so so yummy seriously! Shrimp and veggie noodles in a light coconut curry sauce…mmmm. I promise you, one of the best dishes ever! Easy to make, so healthy and heavenly tasting.

Coconut Curry Shrimp
1⃣In a pan sautée in coconut oil until translucent/cooked
🔹1red medium red onion, thinly sliced
🔹1 large carrot, peeled then use the peeler to shave thin, flat noodle-like pieces
🔹1T garlic
2⃣Remove and place in a bowl then add to pan and cook until heated through
🔹10-15 large shrimp (I used the pre-cooked and peeled)
🔹6 slices of ham, shredded with fingers
3⃣Remove shrimp/ham and add to onion/carrot bowl and to the pan add (taste the sauce as you are making it to judge how much of the spices you need more/less of)
🔹1 can light coconut milk
🔹2T coconut butter
🔹1T garlic, chopped
🔹1t crushed red pepper
🔹1/2-1t curry
🔹1t garlic powder
4⃣Let the sauce simmer for a few minutes to thicken then add in 🔹bowl of veg and meat
🔹1c steamed broccoli
5⃣Serve it as is or over spaghetti squash (We tried this and it was awesome! Stretched the dish to make more as well!)