These brussel sprout leaves are peeled from the stem, pan cooked in coconut oil and seasoned to perfection. These are by far the best I have ever had. Cooking brussel sprouts this way release the sulfur so you don’t have to worry about that bad smell/taste you can get if they are not cooked properly. This veg is packed with vitamins C and K as well as many other nutrients. These disease-fighting little leaves make a nutritious side any night of the week!

1⃣Cut the bottom off of the brussel sprouts and peel the leaves all off. May need to keep cutting the stem as you go. Rinse all leaves to ensure they are clean and free if dirt.
2⃣Heat a frying pan with 1T coconut oil over medium heat then add in brussel sprout leaves
3⃣Add to pan:
🔹1T chopped garlic
🔹Garlic and herb seasoning
🔹Crushed red pepper
🔹Any other seasoning of choice
4⃣Cook until leaves are tender, about 5-7 minutes, stirring