I had some figs to use up and was craving some pancakes for breakfast. What a perfect combo-chocolate and figs! These turned out so delicious, thick and moist. The sauce was so rich and was the perfect topping!

Choco-Figgy Procakes
1⃣Mix in a blender
🔹8 figs
🔹1/2t caramel
🔹2T coconut oil
🔹1/4c geek yogurt
🔹1/4c coconut almond milk
2⃣Mix in bowl then stir in wet:
🔹2t cacao
🔹2sc chocolate protein powder
🔹1/2t baking powder
🔹1/4c flax
🔹1/8c stevia
🔹1c buckwheat flour
🔹1/2c oats
3⃣Scoop onto med/low pre-heated griddle pan and place a slice of fig on the batter
4⃣Serve with chocolate sauce
**for even sweeter pancakes, add in 1/4c honey and 1/4c dark chocolate chips to the batter before cooking!**

Chocolate Sauce
1⃣Heat in a mug
🔹1/4c Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter
🔹1T coconut oil
2⃣Spoon on top of pancakes