This dinner was amazing! The flavor combination was so delicious. Italian herb meatballs with the garlic-y, herb-y goodness of the couscous… A clean, healthy balanced meal that was super easy to make!

1⃣I didn’t measure but this is what I mixed with about 2lbs of ground beef:
🔹Italian dressing (1/4c?)
🔹Worcestershire (1/8c?)
🔹Chopped onion
🔹2 eggs
🔹2 slices of whole wheat bread soaked in milk, then tore into small pieces
🔹Garlic powder
🔹Italian herb seasoning
🔹Hot sauce
🔹Crushed red pepper
2⃣Mix with hands then form into balls and place on greased baking sheet
3⃣Bake covered at 375F for 20min. Remove and uncover then bake an additional 20min

1⃣Bring to boil
🔹1c water
🔹1T olive oil
2⃣Add in the following, stir, cover and remove from heat. Let sit for 5 min:
🔹2/3c couscous
🔹1T Italian herb seasoning
🔹1/2t crushed red pepper
🔹1T garlic
🔹1t garlic powder
🔹Couple handfuls of spinach
🔹2 triangles of laughing cow garlic and herb cheese (optional)
3⃣Mix again after 5min and spinach has wilted