These turned out soooo yummy! Super easy as well. I found some thin rice cakes with all clean and healthy ingredients, nothing unnecessary added! I was so happy and knew I would have to make a protein bar that incorporated them. This is the first and they turned out perfect! Give them a try and let me know what you think.
**ALSO-It is so important to read your labels! You will be surprised what you find in foods that you think are “healthy.” Be conscious of words used in place of others to trick you into thinking it’s healthy. “Natural flavors and colors” could mean squished up bugs…just sayin’…but it’s true!

Chocolate peanut butter crunch bars
Peanut butter layer
🔹2T greek yogurt
🔹2T peanut butter
🔹2T PB2
🔹1 scoop vanilla protein powder
2⃣Spread onto rice cake

Chocolate layer
1⃣Heat wet:
🔹2T peanut butter
🔹2T coconut oil
🔹1/2t vanilla extract
2⃣Combine dry then mix with wet:
🔹1 scoop chocolate protein powder
🔹2T cocoa powder
🔹1t stevia
3⃣Spread on peanut butter layer then top with another rice cake or leave un-topped and refrigerate (I used thin cakes so I topped)