Where have these been all my life!?😳These were so good oh my. Seriously your life will not be complete until you try these. TO. DIE. FOR. Super moist, cheesecakey, protein pancake with a strawberry chia jam on the inside. I added more chia jam on top when I ate them and no other topping was needed. Thought about making a protein fluff, but after tasting it with just the jam, decided it wasn’t necessary 😋 Now go make these and tell me what you think. Am I right or am I right?!

Strawberry Chia Jam
1⃣In a blender combine until well mixed
🔹2c strawberries
🔹2T water
🔹2T chia seeds
2⃣Refrigerate until it thickens up, about 15min

Cheesecake Protein Pancake
1⃣In a blender mix, should be thick
🔹1/4c cottage cheese
🔹1/4c greek yogurt
🔹1/8c almond milk
🔹1sc protein powder
🔹3T coconut flour
🔹3T oat flour
🔹1T stevia
🔹1t baking soda
🔹1t vanilla extract
2⃣Spoon some onto a preheated griddle pan on low heat
3⃣Add a dollop of the jam and then top with more batter (just enough to cover the jam)
4⃣Flip when the edges start to brown
5⃣Serve with more jam and enjoy!

Strawberry Chia Jam

Pancake batter with dollop of jam

Top layer of batter covering the dollop of jam