This recipe is dedicated to my mother. My favorite cookie growing up was her butter rum cookies. She didn’t make them very often, but when she did I would eat a ton of them. They were a sweet, soft cookie with a butter pecan, rum topping…so, so yummy. That is where this recipe is inspired from and I think I achieved no-bake protein cookie greatness!

Toasted butter pecan rum no bake protein cookies
1⃣Combine dry:
🔹2scoops vanilla whey
🔹2 scoops vanilla sun warrior
🔹1/4c oat bran
🔹2T oat flour
🔹1t stevia
🔹1/2t cinnamon
2⃣Heat wet then mix with dry:
🔹1/4c coconut milk
🔹2T coconut oil
🔹1T honey
🔹1t vanilla extract
🔹1t rum extract
🔹1t butter extract
3⃣Roll batter into balls, place on parchment paper and flatten with back of spoon

1⃣Heat in mug:
🔹2T coconut butter
🔹1T raw creamed honey
🔹1T coconut milk
🔹1t stevia
🔹1/2t vanilla extract
🔹1/2t rum extract
🔹1/2t butter extract
2⃣Place in small ziplock, cut the corner and pipe onto cookies
3⃣Top with 1/3c toasted pecans