This light salad is protein-packed with chicken and flavor-packed with dried cranberries, celery, walnuts and a greek yogurt based dressing. It is a super easy, throw together dinner that never fails. We usually serve it over a bed of spinach or in a wrap. This is a cleaner version of a recipe that came from my mother-in-law.💜

Summer Chicken Salad
1⃣Mix dressing in bowl:
🔹1/3c greek yogurt
🔹1T mustard
🔹1T honey (optional)
🔹S&p as desired
2⃣Add in solids, stir to combine
🔹 can chicken or 1c cooked and shredded
🔹1 celery stalks diced
🔹1/2 onion diced (optional)
🔹1/4c walnuts
🔹1/4c craisins
3⃣Serve by itself, as a salad, on bread, with crackers or in a wrap. All ways are delicious!