Protein pancakes with an apple-date combo and spiced with a cinnamon-molasses greek yogurt drizzle…HEAVEN! These were thick and fluffy and sweet and yummy and I could go on forever. I used roasted almond flour in the batter and it added a smokey undertone that complimented the sweetness of the apples and dates perfectly 👌 Try these and let me know what you think.

Apple Cinna-Date Procakes (Protein Pancakes)
1⃣Mix in blender until frothy:
🔹2 egg whites
2⃣Add to egg whites in blender:
🔹1/2c oat flour (homemade)
🔹1/2c roasted almond flour (homemade)
🔹1 scoop vanilla protein powder
🔹1/4c almond milk
🔹1T flax seed
🔹1T chia seeds
🔹1T stevia
🔹2t psyllium husk
🔹1t vanilla extract
🔹1t baking powder
🔹1/2t cinnamon
3⃣Let it sit and thicken while prepare apple-date mixture

Apple-Date Mixture
1⃣Melt 1T coconut oil in small frying pan in medium heat
2⃣Add in and cook until apples soften:
🔹1 diced apple
🔹2 dates soaked then diced
3⃣Stir 3/4 of mixture into pancake batter, reserve the rest for garnishing
4⃣Cook pancakes in pan over med-low heat with coconut oil
5⃣Plate and drizzle with Cinna-lasses sauce and too with remaining apple-date mixture

Cinna-Lasses Protein Sauce
1⃣Heat in small mug for 20 seconds
🔹1/4c greek yogurt
🔹1/4t vanilla extract
🔹1/4t maple extract
🔹1t stevia
🔹1t molasses
2⃣Stir in 1t vanilla protein powder after heated and drizzle over pancakes

**To make homemade oat and almond flour-blend ingredients in coffee grinder. For this recipe I used old fashioned oats and dry roasted almonds.
**Trick for almond flour-to ensure all almonds are ground before it turns into almond butter (it will if you grind it too long) shake the coffee grinder while it is grinding. You will get an even blend this way and not have almond chunks!