Old faithful right here. Back a few years ago, this was the very first recipe for protein bars that I ever made. I still make them to this day and follow basically the same recipe. Just add a few extras if I’m feeling like it. They are so good and an easy go-to snack. We have a long drive tomorrow so we will need these bites to keep us fueled!

Choco-Nut &Oat Protein Bites
1⃣Combine dry:
🔹5 scoops chocolate protein powder
🔹1 c oats
🔹1 c crushed mixed nuts
🔹2 T cocoa powder
2⃣Heat in microwave then combine with dry:
🔹1c peanut butter
🔹1/3c honey
3⃣Add water a little bit at a time until desired consistency
4⃣Roll into bites and refrigerate
**I change this recipe every time with different add-ins, milks, nuts, seeds, spices, extracts etc. This is just the most basic one and what I used for this batch 😉