Ingredients: chicken and spices.
Yup, that’s it! No breading, oil or starch in these figure-friendly fries. I bought 100% chicken patties and cooked some up the other day. They turned out pretty dry (I hate dry chicken) but still had a good flavor, so I knew I could do something with them…that is where this idea came from!

I cooked the patties in a non-stick pan, so no oil was needed (you could drizzle them with a healthy oil if you would like, I just chose not to). I seasoned both sides using crushed red pepper, s&p, chili powder, old bay, garlic powder and herbs (you could use whatever spices you desire). Then I cut them into fry-sized strips and cooked them on all sides. It was easy as that! Yummy-healthy fries for all 😊