Strawberry plus chocolate…need I say more? I didn’t think so, but I will just add that the sweet strawberry outside with the fudgy chocolate inside melt together in your mouth creating a magical experience. The carob chips add just the right crunch that these bites need!

Chocolate Fudge Center
1⃣Combine in small bowl:
🔹2T chia flour (or seeds, I blended mine in my vitamix)
🔹3T PB2
🔹1T stevia
🔹1/3c almond milk
🔹1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder
🔹2t cocoa powder
2⃣Cover and refrigerate overnight so the chocolate can infuse into the chia flour

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Bites
1⃣Combine in a small bowl
🔹2scoops strawberry protein powder
🔹2 scoops vanilla protein powder
🔹1/3c coconut flour
🔹1T stevia
🔹1/4c greek yogurt
🔹1/3c almond milk
🔹1T coconut oil
2⃣Stir in 1/4 c carob or dark chocolate chips
3⃣Refrigerate for about an hour so it is not so sticky
4⃣Spray parchment paper with Pam and press a scoop of strawberry mix into an oval about 1/2inch thick
5⃣Scoop about 1t of chocolate fudge in center and fold one half of strawberry mix over onto the other side then roll into bites