I wanted to make some crunchy chicken but didn’t have or want to use bread crumbs. Inspiration hit when I remembered seeing some BBQ flavored peanuts at the store. These peanut coated chicken chunks were baked to perfection…a juicy center and a crisp outer coat. The BBQ peanut sauce added the perfect kick. I served them with a mix of garlic roasted green peppers, brussel sprouts and zucchini.

1⃣Mix in small bowl:
🔹1/4 c honey
🔹Juice of 1 lime
🔹2T soy sauce
🔹1 t chopped garlic
2⃣Pour in ziplock bag and add two chicken breasts that have been cut up into 1 inch chunks
3⃣Refrigerate for at least an hour. Overnight is better

Peanut Chicken
1⃣Prepare 3 bowls:
🔹Bowl 1-1c buckwheat flour (flour of choice)
🔹Bowl 2-2 eggs+2T BBQ sauce
🔹Bowl 3-2c ground peanuts (I used coffee grinder)
**for extra crunch, you could add whole wheat panko to the peanuts**
2⃣Strain chicken from marinade and run each piece through the bowls consecutively
3⃣Place on greased baking pan and cook in oven uncovered 350F for 10 minutes (may be shorter/longer depending on size of chicken) or until white all the way through.
**DO NOT overcook-that is how chicken gets too dry, if you overcook it then you will not have a juicy center**

BBQ Peanut Sauce
1⃣In saucepan combine until heated through
🔹1/2c peanut butter
🔹1c BBQ sauce
🔹1/4c soy sauce
🔹1T garlic
🔹1T hot sauce or to taste (add more if you like extra spicy)
🔹May need to add some water depending on the thickness you desire
2⃣Remove from heat and drizzle on chicken. I used about 1t per piece of chicken